AF 002C
The Aerofit Fitness Machine Smoothly Oscillates And Triggers A Rapid Reflexive Contraction Of Your Muscles Between 25 And 50 Times Per Minute. These Movements Cause Your Muscles Burn Large Amounts Of Energy (KJ/Cal), Hence Emptying The Fast Cell Of Their Stored Carbohydrates Due To The Accelerated Muscle Load.
• Dimension : 28"(L) x 27"(W) x 58"(H).
• Motor : 2.0 HP, DC motor.
• Motor Control : Microprocessor control.
• Speed : 5 to 30 Hz.
• Quick Selection : Auto, low, medium and high.
• Set option : 3, 5, 8, and 10 minutes time can be set as per user requirement.
• Display : Dot matrix LED and 5 window display.
• Display Feedback : Time, speed and calories.
• Power Requirements : 220V AC.
• Frame : Heavy-gauge welded steel with textured proprietary two coat electro statically powder process finish to ensure maximum corrosion and chip resistance.
• Exercise Applications : Straight standing, horse riding, upper arm and body pose.
• Max User Weight : 120 Kgs.

• Way of work: Rapid muscle fiber movement – contracted muscle contraction and tension release – accelerated energy consumption – accelerated fat loss – increase circulation – fast muscle toning.
• Fitness machine is the amazing whole body vibration training system that helps you to attain your weight loss body shaping and fitness goals-fat.
• Vibration training can achieve the same result in just a fraction of the time when compared to conventional fitness training method. With only 10 minutes per day and minimum effort you will have all the benefits of a full intensive strength workout.
• These futuristic vibration fitness plates help you tone up, slim down, increase circulation, accelerate fat loss and reduce the visible appearance of cellulite.

*  Weight loss
*  Blood circulation.
*  Hormonal benefits.
*  Skin elasticity.
*  Prevents osteoporosis.
*  Better bone density-micro circulation.
*  Body remodeling.
*  Muscle strengthening.
*  Cardio circulatory system.
*  Anti-stress.

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