AF 7105
Best low impact, high-cardio, whole body, sensory rowing workout. The benefits of Rowing are best for the total body exercise.

• Dimension: 72” (L) x 23” (W) x 31” (H)
• Resistance Levels & Type: 16 Levels, Magnetic resistance.
• Program: 12 Programs, H.R.C., & 1 Manual.
• Power: 9V Adapter.
• Display: LCD display.
• Display Feedback: Time, Program, H.R.C., & Race.
• Transportation: Wheel for Easy transportation.
• Seat & Grip: Ergonomically designed seat and grips.
• Fly wheel: 5 Kgs Fly wheel.
• Folding System: Foldable.
• User Weight: 120Kgs

• Adjustable levels delivers a broad range of resistance, suitable for any fitness level, at the turn of a dial.
• No dead spots. 
• Performance Monitor… Program for time (elapsed or goal), stroke count (cumulative or goal),tempo signal. 
• Display strokes per minute and calories. Large clear display, designed to monitor and motivate.
• Pivoting Footboards: Perfectly balanced to pivot on the line of thrust. No need to adjust for foot size. Comfort, strength and ease of use.
• Super comfortable seat running on precision bearings and low friction seat rollers along a concealed track for cleaner, smoother and safer operation.
• Ergonomic handle: designed to prevent strain on arms, wrists and hands.
• Built-in transit wheels. Light and easy to move around. 
• Simplifies assembly and virtually maintenance free enriches the overall experience.

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