Aerofit mini Bikes are built to perform to the scrutinizing standards of domestic health club equipment equipment. Compare the features of the Aerofit upright bikes and you will find how quality components, precision engineering, state-of-the-art electronics and the best quality in the industry combine to make Aerofit the premier name in home cardio fitness.
• Dimension: 21” (L) X 13”(W) X 13”(H)
• Resistance System: Magnetic resistance.
• Power: One button cell battery.
• Drive System: Centre design drive, super silent poly-V belt driven.
• Pedals: Self balancing, close Spacing, impact absorbing and fit to any size user.
• Centre of Gravity: Low COG combined with a balanced frame prevents rocking.
• Display: LCD display.
• Display Feedback: Reps, total reps, calories, distance, scan and time.
• Rating: Domestic.
• Frame Finishing: Proprietary two coat powder process.

• Regular exercise that helps to maintain bone density.
• The non weight-bearing advantage bike.
• You will be more comfortable extending the length of your workouts, thereby enhancing the cardiovascular benefits of your routines.
• Workouts can help you fight fatigue in your daily routines, improve your overall mood and develop a healthy and fit appearance.
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