Structurally and biomechanically designed for intensive club/gym use. The equipments rigid body structure plays a critical role in the machine superb handling.
• Dimensions : 130” (L) x 126” (W) x 83” (H)
• Frame Structures : Combination of high tensile strength steel, continuous welded, factory assembled weight frame.
• Name Of Tube : Square tubing.
• Tube Size : 50 mm x 50 mm.
• Tube Gauge : 2.5 mm.
• Weight Stack : 200 x 4 = 800 Lbs.
• Weight plate : Cast iron, machine drilled to exact spec and employ oversized nylon bushings for super-smooth operations.
• Weight Stack Enclosure : Steel protective weight enclosure.
• Weight Guide Rods : 25 mm chrome plated solid steel, highly policed for smooth movements.
• Weight Selector Pin : 10 mm steel pin.
• Adjustments : Adjustable of seats, back rests and pads are meets all user requirements.
• Pull Pins : Most adjustment secured with commercial grade spring loaded pull-pins.
• Cable : 5.0 mm dia., 4200 lbs rated, commercial grade, nylon coated aircraft cables.
• Pulley : Maintenance free, fiber glass reinforced nylon pulleys fitted with premium grade -A quality roller bearings with V grooved channel.
• Pulley Sizes : 88 mm.
• Grips : High density foam rubber hand grips.
• Cushioning : 02” inch high density top grade resilient foam.
• Finishing : Proprietary two coat powder process.
• Rust Proof : All frame structures electro statically powder coated to ensure minimum corrosion and chip resistance.
• Color : Grey/ White.

* Seated Chest Press
* Butter fly
* Ab Crunches
* Seated chest press
* Preacher curl
* Standing biceps
* Triceps extension
* Triceps press down
* Leg Extension
* Leg Curl
* Leg Press
* Calf raise
* Upright row
* Shoulder shrugs
* Seated row
* Bent over row
* Side kick
* Back kick
* Shoulder press
* Rear delt 

Compact 4 weight stack work station provides an uncompromised range of exercises commonly found in health club.
Accommodates 4 users at once with 4 separates weight stacks and exercise station.
Compact, low profile design.
Reduce your overall floor space requirements while providing an attractive, inviting and easy to use strength training atmosphere.
Sock absorbent rubber foot pads fitted to all end corner of each unit and may be bolted to the floor.
Precision gears for a smooth workout.
Rotating part adopts the high-quality bearing, durable in use and there is no noise while using.
With gracefully curved frames constructed from sleek, powder-coated tubing that exhibits a modern, design-forward aesthetic.
It builds form into function and value into a superior modular strength training system.
Seat and back pads are fabricated from 1” thick grade-A ply wood and surfaces padded with two inch high density resilient foam,
ply wood backing is completely covered and concealed with the same upholsteryaterial.

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