AF 700 E
An elliptical cross trainer is comparable to a treadmill in its exertion of leg muscles and the heart. Elliptical produce an intermediate range of leg motion between that of stationery bikes and treadmills. There are claims that the dual action exercise of an elliptical trainer can actually be more efficient in burning calories. The logic is that by exercising more muscle groups simultaneously, a more intense workout can be achieved in less time.

• Dimension : 84” (L) X 30”(W) X 71”(H)
• Strides : 20 Inches natural strides.
• Maximum Watt : 250 Watts.
• Resistance Level : 16 Levels.
• Resistance System : Electro-Magnetic resistance.
• Power : Self generated power system
• Programs : 06 Programs - manual, HRC, random, weight loss, CV and hill intervals.
• Drive System : Centre design drive, super silent poly-V belt driven.
• Pedals : Self balancing, close spacing, enlarge, impact-absorbing, fit to any size user and provides gentle movements to reduce lower body stress.
• Centre of Gravity : Low COG combined with a balanced frame which prevents rocking.
• Cardio Monitor : In-built metallic pulse sensor provided with T bar style handle grips enables to the cardio monitoring on board.
• Display : Dot matrix LED, scrolling text and computerized console.
• Display Feedback : Multi feedback read out instantly displays time, distance, RPM, calories, heart rate, speed, work(resistance) levels, watts and mets.
• User Weight : 140 Kgs.
• Transportation : Transportation wheels for easy movements.
• Accessory Holder : Water bottle and mobile phone holder.
• Rating : Commercial.
• Step-up Height : 12 Inches easy step-up height.
• Strides Wheel : Dual wheel track, fiber glass reinforced nylon wheel with high quality bearing.
• Frame Structure : Arched support frame for maximum durability and stability.
• Frame Finishing : Proprietary two coat powder process.
• Rust Proof : All frame structures electro statically powder coated to ensure minimum corrosion and chip resistance.

• Machine features design proven bio-mechanics and advanced structural engineering.
• Heart rate control programs provide user a challenging training.
• Constant heart rate display keeps in the desired training for progressive cardio improving and weight loss.
• Long handle arms enable sustain, smooth and engaging exercise,regardless of your fitness level.
• Enlarged and impact-absorbing pedals provide gentle movement to reduce lower back stress.
• Low maintenance design.
• Rotating part adopts the high quality bearing, durable in use and there is no noise while using.

• Weight bearing form of exercise that helps to maintain bone density.
• Continuous elliptical motion creates a low impact workout.
• Elliptical motion is similar to walking and is thus easy to learn and sustain.
• Handles encourage users to work upper body muscles providing a total body workout.
• Elliptical cross trainers offer one of the best forms of cardiovascular training on board computerized digital console help to plan and monitor cardio workouts.

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