AF-9-02 Butterfly
Structurally and biomechanically designed for intensive club/gym use. The equipments rigid body structure plays a critical role in the machine superb handling.
• Dimensions : 54” (L) x 53” (W) x 60” (H).
• Frame Structures : Combination of high tensile strength steel, gracefully curved continuous welded, factory assembled weight frame.
• Name Of Tube : Oval tubing.
• Tube Size : 120 mm x 68 mm.
• Tube Gauge : 4 mm.
• Weight Stack : 80 Kgs.
• Weight Plate : Cast iron, machine drilled to exact spec and employ oversized nylon bushings for super-smooth operations.
• Weight Stack Enclosure : Fiber protective weight enclosure.
• Weight Guide Rods : 20 mm chrome plated solid steel, highly policed for smooth movements.
• Weight Selector Pin : 10 mm steel with magnetic knob.
• Adjustments : Adjustable of seats, back rests and pads are meets all user requirements.
• Pull Pins : Most adjustment secured with commercial grade spring loaded pull-pins.
• Cable : 5.0 mm dia., 4200 lbs rated, commercial grade, nylon coated aircraft cables.
• Pulley : Fiber glass reinforced nylon with grade ‘A’ quality roller bearings that are virtually maintenance free.
• Pulley Sizes : 106 mm.
• Grips : Ergonomic design, high density foam rubber hand grips.
• Seat and Pads : Ergonomic design shaped back rest and seat for comfort and stability, button adjusted lever for selecting the starting position, double pivoting pads for • reducing ligaments stress.
• Cushioning : 02” inch high density top grade resilient foam.
• Finishing : Proprietary two coat powder process.
• Rust Proof : All frame structures electro statically powder coated to ensure maximum corrosion and chip resistance.
• Tipped Feet : Structure raised 25 mm above floor level with rubber tipped feet, this provides access for cleaning and vacuuming without scratching the floor paint.
• Color : Grey.

Unique Features of Tech Series
• Grip - The ergonomic design makes the push and pull movements become more effective and comfortable due to distributing load more evenly. The surface provides a grained texture to increase grip and prevent lateral slipping.
• Body print system - The special high-density upholstery filling adapts to the shape of the body, providing a stabilizing effect and maximum comfort during exercise.
• Seat adjustment - Because our machines are built around your body, once you’ve found the seat adjustment best suited to you, this will be the same for all Tech series     equipment.

Key Benefit:
• Design – Precisely designed cable can provides variable resistance makes your exercise more correct and efficient.
• Safety – The ergonomic design of all equipment results in high performance with none of the potential dangers involved in using free weights.
• Performance – The application of biometric design principles maximizes the benefits of every workout.
• Low maintenance – Our equipment is low maintenance, allowing you to maximize revenues and minimize costs.
• Individual pads – Individual pads gives a complete support to your back.
• Biomotion – The pleasure and safety of natural movement, each movement is both easy and enjoyable to perform, even for users with functional limitations.

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